Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cape Confusion

I have been curious to try the new cape trend and figured a good place to start would be one of my fave thrift stores, The American Cancer Society.
This particular store, is run by local elderly women whom, I assume, must also donate all of their own clothing and jewelry there. This place typically has clothing ranging from the 50s-90s.
So I began to thumb through the rack of newly hung sweaters and see this amazing ivory knitted cape with the prettiest gold buttons!! The best part.....only $7. I decide to give it a shot and head to the dressing room. This is where I begin to get confused.
Pictured above, is the vintage cape. Beautiful color, pretty buttons, fun fringe, right?..... Well, this is pretty much as FAR as I can move my arms....... I felt like I was wearing a pretty Winter straight jacket for crying out loud. Maybe this one is kinda messed up? Is this why it's at the thrift store? Are they supposed to fit like this? I am utterly confused.

I'm not giving up the search though....... Here are some other styles I am loving this season.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A year of Growth

This year I have completely changed.

In a good way. I feel I am becoming closer to the person I've always wanted to be.

I am working on my relationships. My relationship with  my parents, my husband, and my close friend. I do not feel like the dynamic of these relationships has changed at all, but the way I treat them and appreciate them has...

This year I was nearly struck by a gravel truck on the freeway, the only thing that saved me was the grace of God. I believe that. I found myself in the hospital with incredible abdominal pain, that has yet to be explained. My husband and I lost  a dear friend, the man who married us. And my best friend was diagnosed with  and has battled breast cancer. These things have made me take a step back and look at life and how fragile it really is.

I am working on my confidence. I have not always been a bubbly, outgoing person. Growing up, I was extremely quiet and shy. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes get taken advantage of.  I  take a conscious effort to step outside of my shell when I find myself in a new situation, with people I do not know. I've always admired people who can strike up a conversation with anyone and intrigue others with their stories.

Creating my YouTube channel was a big step for me in the direction of creating my own confidence. It is also a creative outlet for me. Getting to share what I am passionate about, and just being myself with friends who accept my silliness and uniqueness. Thank you for that. Thank you for helping me along this self journey.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Girls' Night out!

I only go out with my girlfriends for a night of drinks and dancing one, maybe two times a year. Nearing our 30's we are pretty much the oldest people at the clubs sometimes. It can feel like we are creeping on a high school dance. Everyone looks so young, and not old enough to be carrying around a drink!
Amanda and I got ready together at my place. It was sooooo funny when I saw what she had picked out to wear for the evening because I literally picked out the exact dress from Marshalls that day and put it back on the rack. 
It was almost a "Bitch Stole My Look" moment!!
Anyways....we got a Groupon for this swanky club in PDX.
 $60 worth of food and drinks for only $30. Sounded like a good deal, so we gave this new place a shot. The drinks were SO yummy and exotic. Most came with pretty tropical flowers on the rim. Except mine. I think the waitress didn't like me. Whatevs... Good thing we had our coupon though, they were $12 a pop!!
We got out groove on until about 11:30pm and headed home since we have about an hour drive from the city. Honestly, I think my favorite part of going out with my girlfriends is the getting ready part! Here are some fun photos from the night.
Amanda's fun sparkly top was from Marshalls

Calvin Klein grey suede boots from TJMaxx and my vintage clutch  I scored at the Goodwill

I found this fun ruffle top at Marshalls and paired it with a vintage Givenchy necklace.

I'm obsessed with loose waves!

Cheers to swanky cocktails ;)