Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lets Get Crafty, Love...

I found these iron plate racks at the Goodwill and sprayed them an Antique ivory. My clutches fit perfectly!
I believe the one on the right is a candle holdler, missing the glass. I thought it would be perfect for
hanging my scarves!

At an auction a few weeks ago, I won this vintage cabinet for only $40.
Some one has painted it a shabby chic with the cutest roses...
It is all dove-tailed. The creator even hand signed teh back of the piece in pencil.
Perrydale, Ohio I believe is what it reads.

The print to the right is by artist Louis Icart famous for his erotic art deco illustrations. My mother found the antique gold frame at an Estate sale. We were told it is from the original Wizard of Oz movie set. It was features in Ozma's crystal mirror room!

OOTD Luxury at The Thrift Store

Jones New York blouse, brand new!! Scored at the local Discovery Shop thrift store for only$2.00....loving the pleated front and french cuffs!

My "Chanel" inspired vintage friend ( a Chanel expert) tells me it is not the real thing. But's gorgeous! When I brought it to the car I noticed the closure read: 14k!!! OMG!! I was freaking out. Gold for only $14.99!!?!!
I brought it to my local jeweler and she told me the chain was worth $1,000. Score of a lifetime!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know I've told you about this fabulous site on my Youtube chanel....but you HAVE to check it out!!! Mjrsales is full of merchandise from Victorias Secret, Macy's, and Bloomingdales. It's getting your feet wet for the thrifting world. Everything is pretty much new..some may have minor defects but the site will always mention if they do. All items are 50-90% OFF! The only bummer is that they do not accept returns.

Check out the fabulous Big Buddha Bag I just scored for only $35!Here is the link to

Macy's carries the same bag for $89!!!

My latest Vintage Score on Ebay!

Open Front Cashmere & Cotton Cardi From $14.99

Botanical Print Pima Cotton Blouse JCrew
Goodwill Score at only $4.99!!!

Do you know what era this could be from?
My guess is 20's-30's.
I scored it on Ebay for only $20.
Someone tried to glue some of the stones back in with icky yellow glue
but I have been soaking this necklace in warm water and soap to lift the glue off of the stones.