Monday, October 25, 2010

Side table Inspired by Anthropologie

I fell in love with this cute table from Anthro....but when I saw the $395 price tag, "Gasp!" my wheels started turning and I figured out a way to create  a similar style. I actually think mine is cuter. What do you think?
This is the Original Anthro Table $395

First I put a primer, then paint, then wiped the finish with a Minwax Gel stain.

Frame out the top on the table like building a picture frame. This woll hold the glass.

I found this aweome retro fabric at an estate sale for $3. They were curtains in their past life.

The finished project!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anthropologie Inspired Outfit of The Day

So I've always been a fan of Anthro.....but not their prices! Holy smokes! Even the "Sale" rack can be a little outrageous.

But Anthropologie does a great job at making vintage styles modern and current. If you are a girl who has ever been curious to try vintage fashions....subscribe to Anthro's catalouge and prepare to get inspired! Being the thrifty girl that I am, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt at my local thrift store. Yes, my friends, the Goodwill. Which I will also refer to as "The GW".

Here is my Anthopologie inspired Fall outfit.
Angora Large Button Cardigan Yard Sale Find $1
Brown Lace Cami, Nordstrom rack $12.99

This vintage style bracelet was a yard sale score for $1

I LOVE the lucite heel of these fabulous vintage T-strap high heels.
A Salvation Army Boutique find at $9

1980's Vintage Sweater Skirt
Found at the GW $2.99
Polka dot tights TJ Maxx $3.99

Getting Started

So I'm new to the blogger world, and quite honestly the word "blog" annoys me. But I have a passion for fashion....especially when i can find it at the thrift store! I wanted to create this blog to share with you my finds and treasures from clothing to home decor.

I remember thumbing through magazines when I purchased my first home, dreaming of ways I could decorate each room. From exotic bamboo chairs to crystal taste is what most would call eclectic; mixing antiques with modern pieces. But if you decorate with things you love, somehow it all comes together.