Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Secret To Perfect Boho Braids

I Loooove braided hairstyles! The fact that there is minimal time commitment  and zero heat required is freaking awesome. Braids are perfect in the Summer time when it's hot out and the last thing you want to do is blast your self with a steamy hot blow dryer. They are also amazing in the Winter time, when it's pouring rain and it makes zero sense to curl your hair.
There are so many fun different styles to choose from! The secret for getting them to last is to use "day old" hair and to  find a good hair "cream" or hair "lotion". This will keep those annoying stray hairs in place and also make it much easier to braid in general. I love BioSilk hair cream and also Moroccan oil hair styling lotion. Use these products sparingly, you don't want to look greasy. I love adding fun hair flowers or vintage rhinestone brooches to these updos! Get creative & have fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Picks for the Worst Hairstyles of 2011

Everyone has been blogging and talking about the BEST hairstyles of last year, but what about the bad ones? The ones we don't want to see again?.......The ones that make you go "Hhmmm?"
I am all about personal fashion choices and being your own, unique person. But you just won't catch me in any of these styles. Here are my top four 2011 hairstyles that should be left behind.
What do you think? 
Love them or Leave them?
Brunette Celebs Going Blonde
I am SO happy these ladies quickly switched back to their dark roots. I have to admit, as a natural brunette myself, I have dabbled in highlights and have also been curious as to what I would look like as a blonde. But honestly, all of the harsh chemicals and lifts are terrible on your dark hair and can leave you looking washed out.  I think we can all agree that these ladies both look even more stunning as brunettes.

The Female semi-mohawk.
This one leaves me very confused. Do you think she just got pissed off one "bad hair day" and snatched her Man's  beard trimmer and went to town with it but couldn't follow through? Yes, I think I'm correct.
Feather Hair Extensions
Aaahhhh.....the much raved about, over hyped chicken feathers. Girls everywhere were raiding tackle shops and craft stores to get in on the trend. Let's say, 9 times out of 10, you look like you just finished plucking a bird .
 Not a cute look. I say, let's leave it  in 2011.

Ombre Hair.
This has to be my least favorite of all of the hair trends.
To me, it looks as though the ends are dry and you need to go get  a trim. This look should only be reserved for 80s rockers.