Saturday, October 29, 2011

Got cold feet?

Haha!!!..........Had you with the title, didn't I?!

I know I'm cheesy. I'm an only child and hence was the only one around to laugh at my jokes. Gimme a break.

Anyways, I am heading to the outlet mall today to do some Christmas shopping. You heard me right! I start early, and once December hits....I am typically finished. I HATE fighting the crowds. People get so pushy, it just ruins the whole shopping experience for me, so I prefer an early start.

I am on the hunt for some super comfy, warm slippers for around the house. I have heard the the North Face Tent Slippers are incredible!! They aren't the cutest in the world, but SUPER soft and WARM. They literally feel like wearing a sleeping bag on your feet. They are made of a soft, slippery nylon and filled with down feathers.

I think I want to get the tall, boot style ones! I'm going to grab a few more while I'm there for some Christmas gifts. Christmas shopping always turns into shopping for myself.. I can't help it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wearing Vintage to Work

Sooooooo this nippy Fall day..... (and by that, I mean 45*) was screaming for me to take my favorite vintage coat out of hiding and let everyone admire it today!!!

This IS my favorite coat. I feel like old an old Hollywood starlette every time I rock it. I scored this incredible 1950s wool coat at a consignment store on the clearance rack for $15. Like, really? She sat all alone for months on a sale rack before I brought her home????.....It was meant to be. It's the perfect length for my tall frame and I love the over sized buttons and faux fur detail on this one!

Since velvet is totally IN this season, I also paired it with this great knee length black velvet skirt I got from a clothing swap a while back. I wanted to add a lux contrast with the silver silk Bebe wrap top with vintage lace details. I am all BFF'd out today as she gifted me this beautiful top, scroll tights, and the most precious Cynthia Rowley cashmere gloves. They are too cute with that ruffle!!

My shoes are a faux suede Nine West pump from TJmaxx. I added some vintage shoe clips ( a 50cent Estate sale find) to add interest and a fun detail to an otherwise plain shoe. I feel like these great accessories get passed up all of the time because most people don't know what they are. They are such a simple, yet great invention!!! I think I am going to hunt for more of these clips, so cute, huh?!

$15 Fabulous Vintage, YES!!

Vintage Shoe Clips add instant flai

$3 costume jewelry from the mall, It reminded me of Betsey Johnson

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a Beautiful, Colorful World

Last weekend was sooooo nice!! The weather here in the NW was crisp, clean, and slightly windy. The beautiful & colorful Fall leaves were blowing everywhere and falling from the trees like snow.

My husband and I started the day with a trip to a Farmer's Market. This particular one, is freaking fabulous! The prices and excellent and you have your choice of pretty much any kind of produce you can think of. It's harvest time!

We purchased some yummy cherry tomatoes (which I LOVE to top with crumbled goat cheese, and a vinaigrette) red potatoes, and the most lovely dark purple Dahlia bouquet. For.....get this...... $10! Our living room is finally finished, and I wanted to put something beautiful in one of my antique vases. Did you watch my video on how it all turned out?! I am SO happy!

Here are a few fun photos from my weekend.
My Hubby loves it when I wear hats :)

Don't you just want to sit in these pretty Fall leaves too?!

Candy Corn and Creepy Spider Nails

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too Sketchy

So if you follow me on Facebook, I had shared last night that the lying lady who has the bag I want on Bonanza, also has it listed on Ebay. Twice. Yes, same exact posting, same pics, and same flaws. I hate sellers like this!! I was going to give Ebay a shot again. I am such a fan of Etsy because it seems like most shop owners actually CARE about  their customers! This lady looked like she was about to burn someone, and it won't be me. I wish there was some way to warn the other buyers, but Ebay keeps everything on lock down and there is no way for me to even message them :(

For now, I will just be patient and hope my dream bag goes on sale......

Friday, October 21, 2011

Is it possible to fall in Love with a handbag?.......

Confession~ I have never purchased a handbag over $50. Don't get me wrong. I do lust after the sought after designer handbags I see in my fashion magazines. I have been lucky enough to score some amazing designer bags at the thrift store and also sooooo eternally grateful for the gorgeous bags that have been gifted to me by my BFF. She has impeccable taste, and has really taught me to seek quality goods.
So this day is a big day for me. Today, I am hopefully treating myself to the bag of my dreams. Here she is:

The Michael Kors Large Jet Set Grayson in Gold!!!! In a shiny metallic monogram. Light beige handles with a stud detail. Could she be and more lux and sexy? See?...... she must already be family!! Ohhh.....but why must this incredible bag cost $300!!?!?!
I was so excited to find this sexy thang on a site very similar to Ebay! I have made an offer to the seller for $210, I hope she accepts. The wait is killing me!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spikes and Leopard to the Office?!......Heck Yeah!

Naughty Monkey Leopard Heels & Big Buddha Bag from MjrSales

Loving printed tights for Fall, from TjMaxx

Add a bright pop of color with a cardi

So, when I am not searching the thrift stores for the next amazing designer find, I am working at my "office" job. One may think that I should dress more conservatively and "secretary" like. But, nope. Not me. I believe a woman can  look professional and still  let some of her personality  & uniqueness shine through.

I am a firm believer that the best way to build your wardrobe is to invest your $$ into timeless classic pieces and follow the trends with fun accessories. Shop Belina , one of my fave online jewelry sites contacted me and said they named a necklace after me!! How cool is that!? 
Well, check out the fierce "Selena" necklace and just see for your self........
The "Selena" spike necklace is available on the Belina website for only $22
Click here to purchase and visit the Belina site

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nail Stamping Trend

I am so super freaking excited! I just ordered a nail stamping kit from Ebay....I have been obsessed with the Sally Hansen nail decals, but they are kinda pricey and can dry out if you are not careful. So I have been the hunt for a cheaper of my wonderful subbies mentioned nail stamping. I was curious and watched a couple YT tutorials, and had to have a kit. Like, now.
I found the perfect starter kit on Ebay for only $15. Can't wait to show you how they turn out!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Up in Smoke..... Outfit of the Day

                              Thrifted Skirt, Ann Taylor black leather $10, Bebe Cashmere Sweater
                                                  Sofft Boots, Trasparenze tights from TjMaxx
                                                My shadow bag is Guess via $40
                                                                 Loving loose, soft waves
                                            Smokey Eye from the Urban Decay Naked Pallete
                Obsessed!!! With Dior Hypnotic Poison. My signature scent. It smells so lovely.....a soft vanilla!

Let's Just Do it

Hello my loves, so sorry I have been MIA for days. I was getting frustrated with the whole blogging idea because, well..........I am not the best writer. But I have decided that I should just write as I normally speak! My fave bloggers actually post in this manner and I LOVE it!!!

So I hardly talk beauty in my YouTube channel, but I am on my way to Ulta this morning in search of the perf foundation. Yes, the flawless, airbrushed look. I got the latest catalog and PINK is the theme. It is breast cancer awareness month after all! I, myself, have had many close people in my life affected by cancer. So why not help donate to finding a cure?.......I know all of the pink goodies will be irresistible.