Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Secret To Perfect Boho Braids

I Loooove braided hairstyles! The fact that there is minimal time commitment  and zero heat required is freaking awesome. Braids are perfect in the Summer time when it's hot out and the last thing you want to do is blast your self with a steamy hot blow dryer. They are also amazing in the Winter time, when it's pouring rain and it makes zero sense to curl your hair.
There are so many fun different styles to choose from! The secret for getting them to last is to use "day old" hair and to  find a good hair "cream" or hair "lotion". This will keep those annoying stray hairs in place and also make it much easier to braid in general. I love BioSilk hair cream and also Moroccan oil hair styling lotion. Use these products sparingly, you don't want to look greasy. I love adding fun hair flowers or vintage rhinestone brooches to these updos! Get creative & have fun!

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