Monday, October 25, 2010

Side table Inspired by Anthropologie

I fell in love with this cute table from Anthro....but when I saw the $395 price tag, "Gasp!" my wheels started turning and I figured out a way to create  a similar style. I actually think mine is cuter. What do you think?
This is the Original Anthro Table $395

First I put a primer, then paint, then wiped the finish with a Minwax Gel stain.

Frame out the top on the table like building a picture frame. This woll hold the glass.

I found this aweome retro fabric at an estate sale for $3. They were curtains in their past life.

The finished project!


  1. hey selina nice to to see u here i watch ur videos on youtube and love them .. i am so glad ... u are here .. i just ur this diy.. infact throuh this video only i found out about ur channel on youtube ..
    loads of love

    The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes

  2. Cute! Yours is better. Mmhmm. Definately.

  3. Hi I am stalking oops I mean following you here now too lol.Here are some tips I have learn to make your blog even nicer.I use for my background and also its a good idea to have a email subscribe button (only found out how to get one the other day ) go to this link also instructions available at youtube.
    If you need help with any of it let me know.
    I have been adding things along the way.
    Also if you want to look at some great social sites for vintage let me know.

    Ps love the table well done.I am the same wont pay heaps for something I know I can create myself.

    (ps now I know your real name but you will always be ms pink fab to me)