Friday, October 21, 2011

Is it possible to fall in Love with a handbag?.......

Confession~ I have never purchased a handbag over $50. Don't get me wrong. I do lust after the sought after designer handbags I see in my fashion magazines. I have been lucky enough to score some amazing designer bags at the thrift store and also sooooo eternally grateful for the gorgeous bags that have been gifted to me by my BFF. She has impeccable taste, and has really taught me to seek quality goods.
So this day is a big day for me. Today, I am hopefully treating myself to the bag of my dreams. Here she is:

The Michael Kors Large Jet Set Grayson in Gold!!!! In a shiny metallic monogram. Light beige handles with a stud detail. Could she be and more lux and sexy? See?...... she must already be family!! Ohhh.....but why must this incredible bag cost $300!!?!?!
I was so excited to find this sexy thang on a site very similar to Ebay! I have made an offer to the seller for $210, I hope she accepts. The wait is killing me!!!!


  1. That bag is epic! Sometimes even us thrifters need to splurge, too. Go for it

  2. I know! I'm thinking I will.......I guess that I can splurge every once in a while since I am always so thrifty, huh?! :)

  3. Hey you I didnt realise you had changed your blog name and here is me not even seeing your posts till today How bad am I? Hope you get your bag I only fall in love with cheapey vintage must have ones tho and I have lots.