Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a Beautiful, Colorful World

Last weekend was sooooo nice!! The weather here in the NW was crisp, clean, and slightly windy. The beautiful & colorful Fall leaves were blowing everywhere and falling from the trees like snow.

My husband and I started the day with a trip to a Farmer's Market. This particular one, is freaking fabulous! The prices and excellent and you have your choice of pretty much any kind of produce you can think of. It's harvest time!

We purchased some yummy cherry tomatoes (which I LOVE to top with crumbled goat cheese, and a vinaigrette) red potatoes, and the most lovely dark purple Dahlia bouquet. For.....get this...... $10! Our living room is finally finished, and I wanted to put something beautiful in one of my antique vases. Did you watch my video on how it all turned out?! I am SO happy!

Here are a few fun photos from my weekend.
My Hubby loves it when I wear hats :)

Don't you just want to sit in these pretty Fall leaves too?!

Candy Corn and Creepy Spider Nails


  1. love all of this! how did you do those nails!? i loveeee them

  2. Looks goregous there...I just love fall!!!