Saturday, October 29, 2011

Got cold feet?

Haha!!!..........Had you with the title, didn't I?!

I know I'm cheesy. I'm an only child and hence was the only one around to laugh at my jokes. Gimme a break.

Anyways, I am heading to the outlet mall today to do some Christmas shopping. You heard me right! I start early, and once December hits....I am typically finished. I HATE fighting the crowds. People get so pushy, it just ruins the whole shopping experience for me, so I prefer an early start.

I am on the hunt for some super comfy, warm slippers for around the house. I have heard the the North Face Tent Slippers are incredible!! They aren't the cutest in the world, but SUPER soft and WARM. They literally feel like wearing a sleeping bag on your feet. They are made of a soft, slippery nylon and filled with down feathers.

I think I want to get the tall, boot style ones! I'm going to grab a few more while I'm there for some Christmas gifts. Christmas shopping always turns into shopping for myself.. I can't help it.

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  1. Im starting my xmas shopping too now but i end up liking everything so i got things for myself too ugh lol! Love the northface winter jackets so yes u cant go wrong with those slipper/booties for ur cold feet :)