Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shades of Gray

I was beside myself last summer when I went to a church yard sale and scored an amazing light gray cashmere sweater by Jil Sander for 25, are you kidding me? Jil Sander sweaters typically retail for $300-500. So you can see my excitement for scoring such an incredible deal! The weather lately has been in the 40s*, so it's been perfect to rock my fabulous designer find.

I wanted to try something new, so I paired it with a crisp white button down by Alice & Olivia, which I snagged a thrift store for only $4. I think adding a chic button down not only keeps you warm in such chilly weather, but also adds a clean, preppy touch. I really love mixing shades of the same color within my looks, so I wore these incredible gun metal gray suede Calvin Klein over-the-knee boots I purchased from TjMaxx for $99. This was a large purchase for me, but good quality shoes seem to be the one thing I do not compromise. 

The fabulous skinny jeans are actually Victorias Secret Siren Jeans I scored from my fave discount site, MjrSales. I feature this site a lot in my YouTube videos simply because they have incredible deals!!! Most of the items are 50-80% OFF of retail prices. For instance, the Siren Jeans cost $69.50 on VS, and I purchased them for only $7 on MjrSales. You can't beat it!
Keeping with the cool tones of this look, I added these killer chandelier earrings from Shop Belina. This site has also quickly become one of my personal favorites. They offer high quality costume jewelry at very affordable prices. I recently saw very similar earrings at Betsey Johnson's for $80!! So when they had these beauties on their site for only $14, I snatched them up!

Emma Watson Adds a preppy collar

Kim K keeps it clean in bright white

Reese stole my sweater!

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