Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cape Confusion

I have been curious to try the new cape trend and figured a good place to start would be one of my fave thrift stores, The American Cancer Society.
This particular store, is run by local elderly women whom, I assume, must also donate all of their own clothing and jewelry there. This place typically has clothing ranging from the 50s-90s.
So I began to thumb through the rack of newly hung sweaters and see this amazing ivory knitted cape with the prettiest gold buttons!! The best part.....only $7. I decide to give it a shot and head to the dressing room. This is where I begin to get confused.
Pictured above, is the vintage cape. Beautiful color, pretty buttons, fun fringe, right?..... Well, this is pretty much as FAR as I can move my arms....... I felt like I was wearing a pretty Winter straight jacket for crying out loud. Maybe this one is kinda messed up? Is this why it's at the thrift store? Are they supposed to fit like this? I am utterly confused.

I'm not giving up the search though....... Here are some other styles I am loving this season.

1 comment:

  1. is adorable on you! Maybe you could wear it open less restrictive on movement and belt it? I love the ones your looking at, I just bought a vintage cape myself! Can't wait to share it!